As someone said, “Women cannot have it all”…I begged to differ earlier but after becoming a mother, somehow I could relate to it. Being a mother is a blessing and it also burdens you with remarkable responsibilities. It comprises of discoveries, new lessons, the triumphs and the gifts. 

One could easily define the working mother as a woman with the ability to take the additional responsibility of raising a child. It is quite easy to say as an “additional duty” but behind it, there are a huge amount of sacrifices associated. There are many reasons why some women work; some work for financial independence, some for financial need to run her home and some as a preference. In ancient times, women rendered their whole span of life to care for their families, by dwelling in the four walls of the house. But in the last two decades, dual-career management has suddenly risen for women. 

So what happens when a mother works? What are the social and ethical dilemmas of being a working mother? It is difficult to explain ethics but it is something between correct or incorrect, moral and immoral. Generally, that is how we can also define social dilemmas because ethical behavior is considered a social dilemma too. 

Society still has stuck in the past and has a negative approach against working women and the child care system. They say there are many negative impacts on the child when a mother works. Society claims these are mostly psychological, behavioral changes, and bonding issues. Children are very sensitive and need security around them, which only a mother can provide. Likewise, as kids stay away from their mother, they become more restless and often deal with mood swings and loneliness. 

When a mother encounters those effects, they often experience emotional turmoil and a sense of guilt. So, the question is what women need to do in these circumstances. Ought they leave their work and become a hands-on mother or just boundary herself and provide complete emphasis on child care? There may be a conflict of opinion but my opinion is No…. Because life experiences and positive approach always differ from what society believes in. 

Positive approaches are a way of life that moves from control to collaboration. That is what I’ve been learning in a corporate job. I am a working mother in the IT sector and juggle many things in life. But at times, these juggles make you more disciplined, more oriented, and coordinated. My 10 years at a corporate job have taught me how to be an effective communicator, transparent, self-confident, and above all, time management and self-discipline. And these are the very essential ingredients to raise a child. 

So, being a working mother you can impart those qualities to your child. What you need is to plan or strategies your tasks. Let’s start planning things out and start sharing your experiences with your child. When parents go out for work they most often have very few hours to spend with their kids and it teaches the children that time is indispensable and doesn’t come back once it slips away. They will understand the value of time faster. 

Children of working mothers also become independent from a very early age as they learn to take their decision themselves, which makes them confident decision-makers. When they notice how their mother balances the work-life and home-life, it makes them more respectful towards others and helps them to manage the stress in the later stages of their life. 

Just what you need to do is be transparent with your kids and do not let them feel ignored. Spend quality time, not quantity, speak to them while working, take a break in between in your work, and talk to your child, play with them. Strategies your schedule and make things happen, be confident and believe in yourself. Stop feeling guilty because your children can sense vibration, be positive and joyful because a joyful mother will have sticky floors, dirty ovens and happy kids…that way you can have it all!!!! What do you say?????

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By Momi Hazarika

Momi Hazarika Kaushik is an IT professional with 10 years of corporate experience. Above all, she is a wife and most importantly, a mother of a 3-year-old. Being a working parent is not an easy feat and to empower all working moms, she has been penning down her own experiences and the challenges faced by other working women. She also manages a page called “Being a working mom” for parenting tips.