There are superstars in every film industry and few of them have some crazy fans who can do anything for them. These people treat those celebrities like gods. All of that just because they act so good and they entertain them. Sounds silly to me but it’s in our blood, I guess. Or whatever. The thing is, they spend so much time watching their favourite actors instead of spending some valuable time with family or friends… and also they don’t mind fighting with people if someone talks bad about their favourite actor… WHY!!!???

People overdo everything and everywhere on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. They create fan pages for their so-called GODS and keep posting some updates and troll other superstars when they’re bored. This is normally how some ugly fights starts between 2 superstars’ fans. Sometimes the trolling will be extreme and hurtful to the celebrities but people don’t care until they win the debate/fight.

Most of us think that all these superstars are so busy with their life and they don’t check these troll tweets about them at all. But, they’re humans.. just like us. They’re always curious about what the whole world is talking about them. And that’s how they get to know there are a lot of people who love them more than anything in this world.

By seeing all the love from people, superstars think of doing some good movies so that fans will be proud of them even more. And directors will be in the queue for them as always. When everything goes right and the movie gets some very good response all over the state and seeing all the people screaming for them in theatres and in movie celebrations/functions, these superstars just couldn’t stop thinking about entering politics or at least giving it a chance.

This is exactly what happened to some superstars in South Indian film industry. One movie got them so much name and fame from the whole state that they made an announcement of starting a political party right away. Just like that. They think it’s as simple as playing some game online, which says sign in to join politics!

They either live inside a caravan all their life or roam around the world for movie shooting. How can they know what really a common man wants? They don’t… they just don’t. As Mark Wahlberg said, “celebrities should just shut up about politics.” But they can start changing people’s mindset through some good movies with a social message.

So, politics didn’t work so well for some superstars in the past and after they were bombed as the biggest disasters in political history, others took some time to join the politics again. Anyway, recently 2 more superstars from Tamil film industry joined politics. And the funniest thing here is, they still want to act in movies. For what ?? More money ?? How much more money do they want ??

It just doesn’t sound right when someone says “hey, I saw a politician dancing with a young girl in Spain/Italy/France or somewhere outside the country, just for a movie song shooting.” I just said about dancing with a young girl. But imagine if it’s a romantic love story kinda movie and the things he has to do.

It’s all about money for these celebrities. They have more than enough money already and still, they want to join politics (which is obviously for some more money or maybe to skip some income tax or whatever) and then again, they still want to act in movies (for little more money, like 25 Cr per movie). It sounds like a guy who’s already working in a big company like GOOGLE, MICROSOFT (salary- some crores PA) and still does a part-time job (night shift) at Domino’s Pizza, to earn more money

In my opinion, if they only joined some party or they’re only campaigning for some party, it’s fine. But no, they directly want the CM chair!!! Self-centered much ?? Try being optimistic for the people, not for yourself… maybe you’ll become a leader one day. MAYBE.

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