Who Are These Meme-Famous Coffin Dancers?3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed us in a critical stage in life. The world is affected by this ill-famed virus. To stop the spread, several countries have announced lockdown. While we all are spending our days and nights inside our homes, we are consuming a huge amount of content on a day to day basis. And you all must have come across this new video meme of coffin dancers on the internet where you see a group of pallbearers wearing black suit dancing with a coffin.

Meme makers are one of the most creative folks on this planet; they just need one single piece of content to create memes that go viral! The same has happened to this video of pallbearers.

Who Are These Gentlemen Wearing Gloves And Dressed In Uniformity During Funerals? The Coffin Dancers!

In different parts of the world, there are different traditions that people follow to send the soul of a person to the maker. While in most places people mourn and cry, there are some regions where funerals are completely different.  

In Ghana, funerals are considered to be very important social occasions. They believe in sending their loved ones to their resting place with joy. And the meme video that is going viral all over the internet is from Ghana — they are Ghana’s dancing pallbearers or the coffin dancers.

These dancing folks who carry the casket at a funeral are always dressed in uniformity — they wear gloves, perfectly polished shoes, and black suits.  T

According to a report, the number of Ghanaian families hiring coffin dancers has increased over the years. That’s not all, this group has also created more 100 jobs for young men and women and the numbers are increasing with time.

With their flamboyant dance moves with the coffin, these pallbearers leave every single person with smiles on their faces even during grieving occasions. They turn sad funerals into extravagant events!

In 2017, BBC Africa video journalist, Sulley Lansah witnessed one such funeral in Ghana and released a video. And lately, this same video has gone viral, as meme-makers have come out with meme videos where dangerous, life-threating, funny fail acts are followed by this Ghanaian happy funeral dance.

The COVID-19 Trend

As the entire world is fighting day in and day out to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak, these Ghanaian pallbearers have also become a part of several social media #StayHome campaigns.

So, how would you like to be sent off when you die? In Style?

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