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Just like the vast majority of the Gulf countries, Kuwait is also at the forefront of economic diversification, placing it in the midst of an entrepreneurial boom. And even though, the startups and small business in Kuwait still have a long road to trace, the number of startups coming out of the nation is impressive. It shows how agile country is when it comes to business.  However, it’s not just the entrepreneurs that come up with ideas and start their venture, the startup accelerators in Kuwait and incubators have also played a significant role in the country’s startup ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurs every way possible.

In this article, we are going to list some of the top startup accelerators that have been an imperative entity in Kuwait’s growing entrepreneurial scene.

The list is in alphabetical order.

#1 Brilliant Lab

Founded in 2011 by Neda Aldihany, Brilliant Lab (BL) provide acceleration services with an objective to establish Kuwait as a regional leader in new product and venture development.

Whether it’s about a business plan or building a network or infrastructure support or expertise or even knowledge exchange of entrepreneurial skills through various programs and events, BL does it all to make entrepreneurs succeed with their venture.

#2 Creative Startups

Founded in 2007, Creative Startups has been involved in driving the creative economy and creative entrepreneurs around the world. Its accelerator programs are in the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

Creative startups’ concisely created 8-week course help entrepreneurs succeed with their venture along with access to the global mentor network, provide support with demo and even pitching. And it not only help startups get started and grow in the home region but also helps in scaling all around the world.

#3 FasterCapital 

FasterCapital is an online incubator with a network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and regional partners. It offers to become the tech co-founder/tech partner/CTO for startups in Kuwait.

Having a strong background in the technological domain, FasterCapital help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful technological product from the scratch and help the entrepreneurs scale it to a great extent — whether it’s about the market or products or improving the chances of the startup to be successful or even generate income.

#4 Sirdab Lab

Sirdab is another well-known startup accelerator that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build top-notch digital products and tech startups. From the very get-go, Sirdab lab has built a huge community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors looking to fund promising startups.

From supporting you to building your product, to growing your business to collaborate with other founders and talented individuals, Sirdab Lab gets you covered.

#5 TRIBE Labs

TRIBE is one of the leading co-working spaces in Kuwait. However, it’s not just limited to working spaces, it’s a community of hard-working freelancers, great startups, and entrepreneurs.

Its incubator arm, TRIBE Labs is also contributing to Kuwait’s startup ecosystem. TRIBE Labs help entrepreneurs with their all business needs. It offers a variety of services for startups, small and medium businesses, which include applying to the KNF, book-keeping, social media management and more.

Top 5 Startup Accelerators In Kuwait

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