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The advent of science and technology has boosted the growth and development of the gaming industry today. Nowadays, the games that you may come across are not just immersive but are also far more realistic in comparison to the games that you might have played earlier. The sales from the gaming industry have soared as high as approximately over $125 billion in 2018. The stats are enough to reflect the growing inclination of people to play games.  

The impact of the evolution of technology can be visible in every type of gaming- from escape room breakout to simple online games to full-fledged RPGs. Games offer players a lot more than just entertainment. They provide an expansive space to improve the functioning of your brain, inculcate several cognitive skills and seize all your worries and plunge you deep into the waves of happiness. And with every new tech innovation, games get equipped better to deliver higher performance and satisfaction. 

This article will look at the many ways in which technology has left a long-lasting impact on the gaming industry.  

1. Improved quality of graphics and designs  

We have definitely come a long way from the first-ever video game titled “Computer Space” (built-in 1970) by Nutting Associates. Remember how you used to play that old snake game on your father’s old Nokia phone? Well, most of the old online or mobile games were based on two-dimensional graphics. But now, no more of that! Welcome to the world of immersive three-dimensional graphics that have made games such a surreal experience for gaming enthusiasts.  

The development of three-dimensional graphics and designs has provided game designers with so much scope for innovation and creativity. The use of 3D graphics has enabled games to become far more realistic. It also often creates room for players to indulge in in-game interactions between objects.  

The computation of physical characteristics into the entire gaming set-up has allowed the games to become much more immersive and engaging. Thus, when you play a game today that is based on 3D graphics, you cannot stop yourself from being drawn into the plot of the game!  

2. Usage of diverse sound effects 

There’s no denying that with the use of sound effects, the experience of the game is enhanced by several degrees. Using a diverse range of sound effects according to the plot of the game provides players with an enriching and realistic experience. It helps in providing a more immersive experience than earlier and also increases the overall thrill of the game.  

These days, many escape games even add clues by way of using the audio elements carefully. It helps companies to provide players with a more adventurous and exciting game set-up.    

Especially in horror-themed games, the use of sound effects can be noted as creepy and spooky laughter bursts forth through the walls of the room. This helps in making the player’s experience immensely realistic. Various kinds of spooky background scores are often added, like the scratching of nails, soft-spoken whispers, and so much more!  

The sound effects leave a deep imprint on the minds of the players, making them even more engrossed in the game.   

3. Use of advanced lighting effects 

The use of the dark and light paradigm in several games can be found quite efficiently. It is probably the intermixing of light and dark that makes games so much more thrilling than they were before! 

Companies use lightning effects in diverse ways to often hide a riddle or puzzle from the eyes of the players and make the game more interesting. Even different kinds of colored lights can be used in the escape games to add a mysterious setting to the overall game.  

Many gaming companies are also seen using UV lights for decoding and searching for hidden puzzles and clues. This, in turn, helps gaming companies to enhance and enrich their overall gaming experience.   

4. The use of VR technology in games  

From approximately 2016, VR or Virtual Reality became a trending technology in the gaming industry. The further advancements that have come about in computers, graphics, video, and camera technology have helped in enriching the VR experience.  

The thrill and excitement that wraps you up in the game are now taken to the next level with the use of Virtual Reality. The incorporation of VR technology in several gaming centers has helped them break away from the traditional four-walled structure of the game rooms.  

Welcome to the new age of VR technology. Now the experience of the players is no longer confined to interaction with physical props only! With VR, players can now swim, run, glide, fly, or anything else, depending on the nature of the game.   

5. Development of mobile gaming apps    

Ever since the release of mobile phones in approximately 1997, Nokia came up with its brand-new game – Snake. As technological innovation proceeded further, we got to see the launch of gaming consoles, PCs, and mobiles, and the gaming market was pushed up unimaginably!  

In approximately the years 2000-2011, the mobile gaming industry was strongly boosted, resulting in the decline of board games. Today, Google Play Store or iStore is efficient in providing you with so many different mobile gaming apps to install and play. Ever since 2016, mobile gaming apps have sought to revolutionize and change the face of the gaming industry. The market for mobile gaming apps has grown since then to an approximate value of $72.3 billion in 2020.  

As people continue to grow more reliant on their mobile phones or tablets, the gaming industry is thereby seeking to turn the same to their advantage. Today, almost 50% of gaming is seen to happen on mobile phones and tablets alone! People can now sit back at their homes and simply install a relevant gaming app from the app stores to enjoy a worthwhile gaming experience.   

6. Online games promoting real-time collaborative experiences   

Home computers have started to enrich and enhance the growing markets ever since the 1980s. Together with the development of the online gaming industry, the development of home computers has helped in bringing together people globally. The usage of the internet allows friends to take part in several kinds of online games together these days!  

There are several online team games that you can play together with your friends and have a gala time. Yet again, the advancements made in the fields of science and technology have enabled players to enjoy any online game at almost any time they want! Several gaming businesses have now realized the vitality of the online platform and are developing unique virtual games that can be played by groups from across the world! 

Now, you no longer need to be under the same roof to enjoy some time playing an exciting game with your friend. Instead, you need to look for a suitable virtual game from a trusted website and enjoy playing it with your friend.   

7. The use of cloud technology removes the fear of running out of space!   

Be it on your mobile phone or on your laptop; we are almost always running out of space. The use of cloud technology in the gaming industry has enabled business owners to develop their games without the fear of running out of space. Especially in the online casino gaming world, the use of cloud technology has revolutionized the industry.  

Alongside the stretching of the storage space on your gadgets, incorporating cloud technology has helped free up space in gaming consoles too! It has allowed gaming ventures to make online games far more accessible than ever before.  

When you play a game via cloud-based technology, you do not have to worry even a bit about making investments in your PC or gaming console. You can enjoy playing the game remotely and derive the same level of fun and excitement from it as you did before.   

8. Hyperreal experiences in games are now a lived reality! 

Hyperreal experiences or Location-based entertainment (LBE) is yet another significant innovation in the world of gaming. The aim here is to swiftly mingle the virtual reality with the physical reality of the players to provide an unimaginably immersive experience. When you play such a game, you can easily forget your lived reality and delve deep into the real-life gaming experience that the games offer you.  

The use of hyperreal gaming experiences makes games even more enriched than even what VR technology seeks to do! Unlike in your regular VR-enabled gaming experiences, where the game takes place inside the goggles, hyperreal games make you see scenes that correspond with the set-up of your room. Here, players can run around the room and even reach out to grab the virtual objects that are present as realistic props in the game!  

The rise of hyperreal gaming experiences has been brought about by the culmination of AR and VR technology. When players play these games, not only do they feel the thrill of the game, but they can also augment virtual reality with what is actually real! 


The innovation and development of technology have significantly boosted the gaming industry, enriching it far more than ever. With VR, AR, and 3D graphics already revolutionizing the gaming world, enthusiasts wonder what more promise could the future hold!

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