Love Overpowers All

I wish to introduce a special couple- Sarang Datti and Makiko Fujiwara. A mechanical engineer with Indian roots, Sarang moved to Japan when he got a career opportunity. An occupational therapist, Makiko Fujiwara never thought that she would meet, fall in love, and marry Sarang. But here they are, beaming with joy at finding each other. I felt […]

4 High Paying Career Paths You Can Take Without A College Degree

We all know about that phase in life when every time we flunk in a subject or flunk a whole session, starting from our teachers to parents, everyone bombards us saying we don’t have a bright future. There is no denying that there are people who think without good marks in school and without a […]

It’s All About Figuring Out The Ultimate Niche: An Interview With Bhaskar Dutta, YouTuber (Purbanchal)

There is no doubt that YouTube is on the rise. With over 1.8 billion people registered on the platform to check it daily and watch 5 billion videos, it is at present the world’s 2nd biggest search engine for online video discovery and viewing. And with every passing year, the count is just getting higher […]

The Story Of A Young Entrepreneur Who Gave Wings To Her Dreams And Wheels To Her Passion

Over the past few years, entrepreneurship has snowballed and today, almost every other millennial wants to be an entrepreneur. And, why not? It sounds fancy and you become your own boss. If you search on YouTube for something like “Entrepreneur lifestyle”, you will definitely see some guy getting up from the bed, having an English […]

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