In 2013, LinkedIn came as a blessing for the corporate world. Reid Hoffman created something that was supposed to be an alternative to job-listing databases. And he did do it. The company also established itself as the professional sector of the social web. It was one of the top networking sites where it’s not only about hiring and getting hired but also a place for professionals to their thoughts.

Back in the day when I was doing my bachelors in engineering, I was looking to connect with more and more folks from the industry. And the sole reason was to land a job in the world of IT. So, just like everyone else, I joined LinkedIn.

But trust me on this, it didn’t do any good. My bubble busted. And if you’re thinking it’s the platform to be blamed, then No!

It is the individuals with all that meaningless business jargon that makes them sound like a complete moron. Also, the fake Gurus, who are just trying to sell complete bullshit.

I am sorry, Reid, but I have to say that people have just made LinkedIn a complete cringefest and it’s supremely annoying and has become a unique kind of toxic nightmare.

Everyone Is God Damn Guru!

It’s no surprise that the online-learning industry is one of today’s most glamorous domains. Do a Google search, and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of coaches who claim to be specialized in everything from health to business to love to mindset.

Now the trend has invaded LinkedIn. Everyone on LinkedIn just trying to sell pure crap! Everyone is a guru!

It might offend you, but it’s the reality. There is a group of people who just write job titles like “business coach” and suck out money from your pocket just by telling you how to use LinkedIn.

And guess what? They power up their nonsense by using Facebook Ads.

It all starts with something like “Do you want to earn $$ sitting at home? Do you want to build your personal brand on LinkedIn? Do you want to get high paying clients on LinkedIn? If so, join my 5 day LinkedIn workshop!”

Oh sorry! How can I forget this group of morons who just randomly shows up on your feed with a fancy-looking car parked (rented, for sure!) behind them. They are the so-called “success coach.”

Cement this in your head: Every time you see something of this sort, just don’t fall prey. 

This doesn’t end here. There’s another group of gurus who just preach, preach and just preach crap. They portray themselves as someone who has enlightened the entire industry with their God-level thinking.

And it’s not just the one who preaches, it’s also the inspired fellow morons who comment like their lives finally become sorted. They can now take over all the massive companies in the world.

The Cringe-Worthy LinkedIn Recruiters

We all have seen these group of folks on LinkedIn. If you haven’t, I am pretty sure you’re lying.

Ah, okay! Let’s just not explain who are these people. Just look at the below post.

He begged for the interview to be cancelled so that he could be at an important place.

We had an interview with a candidate who looked so unsettled all through the session. He got every question we asked him wrong. I stopped the interview and asked why he looked so uncomfortable.

He told me he should not be here in the first place.

“As I am talking to you, my wife is on her way to the hospital to deliver. I had no choice because I’ve been unemployed for three years. If I can’t get this job, then we are in deep trouble,” said the candidate.

I asked if he was serious or joking. But he continued, “That’s not the life I promised her. I feel like I have failed her, but I am sorry, I have to be there.”

I could feel his pain and guilt. He pleaded for the interview to be called off so he could go and stay with his wife. We agreed and gave him another date.

He came back this time more relaxed. I asked what the gender of the baby was. A boy, he answered. We never bothered to ask him any more questions.

We gave him the contract. With tears, he thanked us. I told him that being professional is the best way to repay us. And indeed, he was.

Honestly, some things only require common sense. Put yourself in their shoes and see where it hurts. We are humans before we become professionals.


I’m not a salty guy or anything. But I do find some of these LinkedIn posts to be extremely cringeworthy. The problem here is that it’s not about showing how human you are. It’s all about going viral and getting noticed by shitposting.

Chuck the algorithm, it’s us! It has become really easy to get us by playing the emotional quotient card. LinkedIn is a trap for cringe content. None of the points by these people translates to real-world scenarios.

Now Lets Welcome The “Commenting For Better Reach” Ones

There’s this girl who posted on her LinkedIn about her current situation after getting laid off by her previous employer. She was asking if someone could help her find a job in her domain.

Many folks genuinely tried to help her — many tagged their fellow HRs asking if there’s any vacancy, many shared her post with a hope some recruiter would see, many recruiters asked for her resume, but there’s one group of people — “Commenting for better reach!”

I am sorry, but no, you’re not helping.

It’s not just in job hunt posts, people have literally created a cult of “Commenting for better reach!”

The Complete Random Ones

Some people literally does anything and everything to get the attention on LinkedIn. And I don’t blame them for that. They have either learnt from some moronic guru or some random YouTube videos about getting viral. And most of the LinkedIn viral posts are pure crap.

A guy once posted:

Solve This If You’re A Genius






And as expected, people just started posting answers. Again, I don’t have any problem, but could explain what those folks were trying to achieve? A correct answer would get them hired by some Forbes listed company?

Let me burst your bubble. These are mere tactics to get engagement and is a ridiculous trick to get attention on LinkedIn. And yes! It’s cringe-worthy!

The Flirts And The Perverts

I don’t have to explain this to anyone. There are people who actually use LinkedIn as an alternative to dating websites. These perverts try to make use of the power dynamic to offer lucrative opportunities, and the next thing you know is they creep, stalk, and even harass women.

Whether you’re a male or a female, if you ever come across these people, do not hesitate to take serious steps and expose them.  

LinkedIn is supposed to be a safe environment for people. And let me clear this in bold. LINKEDIN IS NOT TINDER OR BUMBLE OR GRINDR.

Bottom Line

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is a cringefest, it has become a meme. People are just using pathetic marketing to mint money out of innocent people genuinely looking for employment or other professional opportunities. You don’t need to spend your valuable amount of time and money for that fake enthusiasm and optimism. Also, I am not asking everyone to go rogue on LinkedIn gurus and money suckers. But at least have a strong perspective and a realistic outlook. Do not fall prey to crappy, pathetic, moronic marketing tactics. Do not join that big circle of morons throwing around big buzzwords they don’t truly understand and all of it just to make yourself look smart.


By Harshajit Sarmah

Harsh is a writer/blogger/podcaster/vlogger. A passionate music lover whose talents range from dance to video making to cooking. Football runs in his blood. Like literally! He is also a self-proclaimed technician and likes repairing and fixing stuff. When he is not writing, you can find him reading or watching videos or listening to podcasts that teach him new things.