How Companies Can Help Their Employees Have A Good Mental Health5 min read

There are times when life gets on top of us and push us towards depression — and there are several reasons for that. But there are times when our work becomes the major factor that affects our mental health the most.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone from the 9-5, work is a major part of our lives. We spend a significant time of our lives working so that we can pay our bills, get the bread and butter home, and pay for our kids’ education.

And now the coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on the mental health crisis in a new and immediate way. It is pushing us as individuals and as a society to step in and make sure that we are not only having honest conversations but also do things that are good for your mental health and general wellbeing.

In this article, we would like to highlight some of the imperative tips that companies from all around the world must inculcate and help their employees have a better mental health.

Ask, “How Are You?”

This is the most important thing that every manager, C-suits, or any business leader must do. Ask your employees ‘how they are doing’ on a daily basis.  This is not just about asking and getting to know whether they are doing well, but it also drives a sense of ‘good feeling’ in them that people know them in the company and they matter.

Ask them how’s their life after work, what fun things they do, ask if they would like to join you for lunch or dinner — talk to them like a friend, like you are having a genuine conversation.

If you think someone is struggling, do not hesitate to offer help. Everyone has different problems in their lives and we often don’t know what’s going on.

And whether you accept it or not, employees feel “REALLY” good when their manager or boss understands them and offer to help, just like a friend. You need to really step up when they need you.

Your employees are your assets, they spend their valuable time at work so that the company can succeed, and it’s the responsibility of a company that it is doing its best for them.

Start Meditation Sessions At The Workplace

Meditation is the practice of staying present and mindful for a period of time. The prime goal of meditation is having a feeling of relaxation and inner peace which improves mental health. It helps us feel more connected, help us to be more present with ourselves and our work. And today, it is really important that people must consider meditation every day.

However, many of us don’t meditate because we’re too busy or we simply don’t feel like it. Isn’t it?

According to a study, people who meditate display a reduction in stress-related symptoms, and report increases in their sense of control in their lives. Therefore, it is high time that companies must adopt meditation and mindfulness practice in their workplace. It will not only improve work performance but will also help employees with their personal relationships and health.

Raise Awareness

You might have programs and everything in place to help your employees with their mental health. However, there’s another thing you must consider i.e. raising awareness and educating people in-depth about mental health.

Organize sessions at your workplace, invite experts to talk, conduct online training sessions, conduct activities — basically, do anything and everything to educate all your employees.

Mental health problems can have many forms and it is important for each and everyone to know about it. It would not only help your employees learn about the issues but it would also make them capable of stepping in and providing a helping hand to their colleagues.

Reduce Deadline Pressure

According to a survey of over 1,000 people that evaluated their personal experiences with workplace stress, 82% of respondents said their jobs are more on the stressful side. And when asked about the reasons, ‘deadline’ was found to be a major reason.

Deadlines are there in every company irrespective of the industry and it is also important as it’s about the business.

So, what can companies do to help employees deal with it?

The best solution is to hire more resources to complete the task. It would definitely help every work efficiently and won’t load up one single person. And another thing companies can do is give an additional day off to an employee once they complete a crucial project. This would drive a sense of relief and allow that person to spend some time not thinking about work.

Eliminate Office Politics

This is something most people have experienced in their workplace. Most of us working professionals have experienced or seen in our offices. We all have that one colleague or boss who has made it really tough for us to survive in our workplaces. And the most frustrating fact about it is that you can’t escape it — it’s everywhere! It’s office politics!

This is not a generic, usual hurdle in our daily lives, it is one of the deleterious things that affect us — both mentally and physically. And it is high time that companies take serious steps against this thing.

We even have a blog exclusively for employees — How To Deal With Unsavoury Office Politics. Do give it a read.