Goal Setting Is Real. You Just Need To Do It Right!


Everybody in this whole world wants to be successful — they want to have that fancy car, that fancy house, financial freedom and more. However, when they get to know about the entire process or when they understand that it is not something easy and needs more effort than they were expecting, they give up.

But then again, there are few people who even after giving up once, try again — this time they try something else. The second method they opt for achieving all these might be somewhat correct but they fail again. Why? Because they don’t know that “There is a METHOD to follow a METHOD”.

In this article, we are going to break down a method of achieving your dreams. Also, I want all of you to take a pen/pencil and a notebook, and note down the steps that I am going to state in this article.

Goal Setting

I am pretty sure, each and every one of you have heard about setting goals. This might sound really clichéd but if you do it correctly and wholeheartedly, there is no doubt that you would succeed.

So what basically goal setting is? Goal setting is a process where you list down all the things you want to achieve. Or simply put, you make a list of the things you want to complete in a particular time frame.

There are two types of goals: Long term and Short term. Short terms goals are those that you want to accomplish in a short span of time, and these goals are comparatively smaller than the long term ones. And long term goals are the ones that are pretty big and needs a significant amount of time to accomplish. The relation between these two goals is that one cannot achieve his/her big goals without accomplishing the smaller ones.

As US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven said:

For example, you are a student and you have a really important exam coming up, and you have only a week to prepare 6 topics. So, what do you do? You make a list — a list where you allot every topic a day’s time. That makes it 6 days = 6 topics, and the 7th Day, you take a quick look at all the topics.

So, for the big goals in life, you have to follow the same method. However, there is a little change that I haven’t mentioned in the example.

Read along and keep noting down. It will really help you!

The Ultimate Method

The concept of goal setting is not something new to people. I have personally seen and met people from different walks of life who use this method extensively to achieve their dreams. However, I wanted to know more about it, so I decided to meet and interact with more people. I interacted with businessmen, C-suits, managers, college graduates, and they all shared their experience in goal setting. But, I wasn’t satisfied with what they shared and I decided to dive more into it. I started watching videos of successful entrepreneurs, reading self-help books, I have even thought about it while travelling to the office, while bathing, while riding, while cooking — I was looking for something that is more deep and detailed. And suddenly, when I was coming back from work to home, I was finally struck with the solution. And guess what, this is the most basic and the simplest thing that we all ignore. And it is “The Art Of Setting Priorities”.

Trust me on this, each and every one of you, who thinks that Goal Setting is clichéd and doesn’t work all the time, is only because you don’t know how to do it. As I have mentioned in the very beginning, “There is a METHOD to follow a METHOD”, it is the same concept that is applied here.

Keep reading! You might realize a lot of things that you were doing wrong all these times. And it’s not late, at all, irrespective of how old you are. Always remember, your age has nothing to do with your success. The taste of success always remains the same!

Prioritize Your Goals Before You Set Them

So, here are the steps that you can follow to improve your Goal Setting skillset and see the difference between the way you were doing it then and the way you are doing it now.

Step 1: List out all the short term goals. Now, among all those goals, try to figure out which needs to be on top of the priority list.

For example, here is a sample list of goals.

What do you think, which goal needs more priority? Or which goal needs to be accomplished first? If you take a logical approach, you should try to clear your existing debt first. It would give you enough room to buy the phone you wanted.

So, shuffle your goal list.

Once you feel they are sorted the right way, all you need to do is work and keep accomplishing one by one.

Step 2: List your goals on a vision board. Or list and place them somewhere in your room where it can be seen clearly and all the time. Why? Because, every time you see that list, it would give you the sense that there are some tasks that need your attention.

Step 3: TICK. Yes, don’t forget to tick the goal you accomplish. It is one of the most important things to do. It gives you a feeling of success. When you see a task getting completed, you get the motivation to move on to the next one. So, make sure you tick mark it.

Step 4: This is more of a thing to keep in mind. Do not skip a goal and jump on to the next. Always try to follow the process. Moreover, it shows your work ethics — it shows how sincere you are when it comes to getting a job done.

Step 5: Mindset and patience. If you dream big, you need to have a strong mindset. You might face some hurdles, but that doesn’t mean you drop out. Stay grounded. Have the strongest staying power anyone could ever have. And talking about patience, IT IS VIRTUE!

Final Words

I feel devastated when I see people giving up on their dreams. I myself have done it a lot of times; however, lately I have found my strength and now, there is no looking back. So, I want all of you to also realize that there is nothing you can’t do — it all depends on our mindsets.

If you feel that our article is helping you in any way, please do let me know in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to tell us if you feel there is something missing in the process that we have mentioned in this article. We will definitely make sure that the content delivers value to you and your life.

Harshajit is a writer / blogger / vlogger. A passionate music lover whose talents range from dance to video making to cooking. Football runs in his blood. Like literally! He is also a self-proclaimed technician and likes repairing and fixing stuff. When he is not writing or making videos, you can find him reading books/blogs or watching videos that motivate him or teaches him new things.
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