Adversarial Use Of Facebook & UPI: Thane Man Gets Cheated For ₹1 lakh

Thane Man Cheated For Rs 1 Lakh

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Technology advancements have empowered individuals across the world in almost every aspect. However, it’s not only limited to the general public but wrongdoers are also making the most out of it. In 2019, we have witnessed a lot of cyber frauds and expected 2020 to be a safe year — but frauds had a different plan.

Recently, a man from Thane, Mumbai got cheated twice and lost ₹1 lakh. The man posted an ad on Facebook for furniture he wanted to sell. Soon, he received a call from a person who agreed to buy the furniture and was ready to pay the amount mentioned in the ad.

When the ad poster asked the buyer how he would like to pay, the scammer insisted on paying via UPI. And this is where it all went wrong — instead of sending the money, the scammer requested for receiving the same amount mentioned in the ad. The seller gave away the OTP and the amount got deducted from his account. That’s not all, when the seller realized that the amount got deducted and called the scammer, he said it was by mistake and would refund the amount right away. However, for the second time also, the scammer used the same trick and credited the amount to his own account.

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