Zoomcar data leak

Recently, Indian startup, Unacademy database of 22 million users was hacked and the information was up for sale on the dark web. It’s not even a month, and today, Zoomcar data leak. The self-drive car rental company has fallen prey to anonymous hackers.

Personal data (which includes name, email, phone number, IP, encrypted password) of around 3.5 million Zoomcar users has been compromised. The data is now up for sale on the Dark Web for 300 USD according to cybersecurity consultant, Rajshekhar Rajaharia.

“I found the Zoomcar data leak on the dark web while researching. About 91 Lakh user data is up for sell and 36 Lakh is public on the dark web,” said Rajaharia.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity consultant also stated that few hacker groups are trying to decrypt the hashed passwords. There are possibilities that if immediate actions are not taken, then, soon plain text password may also be available on the dark web.

The data was stolen back in 2018; however, the hackers didn’t sell it right away. “Selling stolen data immediately makes it easier for authorities to track them, so to be to on the safe side, the threat actors took some time,” said Rajaharia.

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By Harshajit Sarmah

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