The book ‘Too Much And Never Enough’ is certainly one of a kind and was released at an apt time (perhaps too apt). There’s a lot of research involved and hats off to Mary L. Trump for pulling out decades of papers and facts to present this journey of the world’s most (I’ll let you fill in the blank) president – Donald Trump.

“It’s difficult to understand what goes on in any family – perhaps the hardest of all the people in it.”

I would say it’s taken her a lot of guts to pen this book as she wasn’t simply a third person writing in the view of a psychologist. She is an insider, a family member, and a close relative of Trump. That’s not all. Mary knew what she was in for when she wrote this book. She was voicing out against a man who loved revenge, who loved basking in the glory of collateral damage – especially of those who go against him in such close context.

“I was confused – about loyalty, about love, about the limits of both. I’d thought I was part of the family. I’d gotten it all wrong,” writes Mary towards the end of the novel, which highlights where she stood in the family. I couldn’t help sympathize with her story, especially what the ‘family’ did to her father and how they were ultimately cut off from the ‘Empire’.

What I loved most about Too Much And Never Enough is the perspective. I always wonder why Trump made such statements, why he took such actions, and why he never realized the consequences of it. Mary dives into the root cause and even deeper into the soil that makes Trump what he is today. Plus, her knowledge and domain in Advanced Psychological Studies help paint a clearer picture of the underlying factors that shaped Trump’s characters.

“Over time that attitude – that he knew better – would become even more entrenched: as his knowledge base has decreased (particularly in areas of governing), his claims to know everything have increased in direct proportion to his insecurity, which is where we are now,” she explains his behaviour.

Too Much?

That said, I often felt that the release of the book was strategically positioned. With the American elections right around the corner, could this be a way to pacify the acts and terrible realities we’ve seen under Trump’s administration? Was it in any way a justification for everything that’s happened so far?

My mother who read the book before me duly noted that the book itself is like a script, ready to be turned into a Netflix documentary. That was so true, I agreed – especially looking at the writing style, the flow of events, and other such factors. Wouldn’t this once again give Trump the publicity he so loves to bask?

“I hope this book will end the practices of referring to Donald’s ‘strategies’ or ‘agendas’ as if he operates according to any organizing principles. He doesn’t.” I think this summarizes the book. With everything that’s going on, Too Much And Never Enough comes as a solace to better understand the chosen leader or at least the choices the people have made in electing Trump president.

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Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

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