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Hippie By Paulo Coelho is one of the books that take you on a remarkable journey of reading. Right from the streets of Brazil to trekking Mount Machu Pichu and all the way to Europe to Amsterdam and across the continent to finally reaching a gatewaying of choices in Istanbul. By the end of the book, I realized Hippie had taken me on a journey like no other.

“When things happen without planning or expectations they are that much more enjoyable.”

Paulo Coelho is one of the authors I’ve become fond of, even before I read the famous and best-selling Alchemist. I’ve come to admire his unconventional books like The Spy. And now Hippie, his semi-autobiographical book.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown had impacted me in ways I didn’t believe possible. The initial weeks of the lockdown were the toughest as it restricted my freedom of movement, not just physically, but also mentally. Hippie became a source of outlet for me during these times. I could sit in the balcony and travel through Coelho’s words. The book now has a special place in my mental library for various revelations it has presented, highlighting repeatedly that the journey is what matters most and not the destination.

I felt that Hippie presented ideas and thoughts that were easily relatable to me. “Men. They thought they ruled the world but couldn’t so much as take a step without, that very same night, seeking the opinions of their partners, lovers, girlfriends, mothers” is another line from the book that stuck ground reality.

The book, for all its meaningful journey parts, also touches a very important aspect: Travelling alone could be meaningful, but journeying with someone or some company can bring a whole new meaning to the journey itself. I know it sounds quite philosophical, but I can’t help it, Coelho brings that out in me and it’s the same with Hippie!

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