Better Saving, Tracking, and Investing: 12 Best Personal Finance Apps of 202212 min read

Everyone is talking about finance.

While some are discussing budgeting, some are going all out on stocks and mutual funds.

All in all, money is the talk of the town currently.

I know, it has always been one of the most popular aspects, but at present, the momentum it has gained is just massive.

People have understood that candid conversations around money can always be beneficial when it comes to financial wellness. Well, that’s a talk for some other day.

Now, let’s get to the topic at hand.

Speaking of financial wellness, finance apps nowadays are making a big difference in the way we look at money (or wealth). 

Whether it’s about investing in mutual funds, FD, stocks, and US stocks; tracking monthly expenses; saving in digital piggy banks; or anything you name it, there’s an app available.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best personal finance apps that will level up your money management game considerably.

Here Are Our 12 Top Finance Apps 

Our peeps at Sapne have used most of these apps thoroughly for a considerable period. Meaning, we are listing them based on our personal experience.   

Do let us know in the comments if you know some other better apps that we should get our hands on.

1. Neobank Apps

Neobanks are just phenomenal. And it is indisputable that conventional banking is soon going to be out of the scenario.

Now, for those who are not aware — what is a Neobank?

Neobanks are digital banks (you can also say – financial enterprises) that operate without any physical branches. Rather, they offer financial services to their consumers through digital platforms, such as mobile apps or web apps.

There are various Neobanks available in the market today, but we are listing the two (current) popular ones.

1.1  Fi Money

Fi Money is a Neobank and not a bank. 

So, what exactly it does?

It is a digital banking app that offers financial services based on the existing banking infrastructure, but with a lot of other elements on offer.

It comes with an in-built, smart, zero-balance savings account and features that help you understand your money better. Additionally, there is something called Fi Jars that lets its consumers save any amount of money, any time in jars with interest up to 5.1%. They also earn rewards for saving.

Additionally, Fi Money offers an aesthetic-looking card that one can use to make all types of transactions.  Not to mention, the user can control its card and the activities right from the app.

1.2  Jupiter

Jupiter is another Neobank that has gained tremendous traction recently. 

It is a digital banking app that not just lets you create a fully free digital bank account (with no hidden fees) but also offers you smart insights and provides you with a range of new-age features.

The Jupiter app offers real-time spend breakdowns through which users can understand where their cash is flowing out. It also comes with POTS, where you can save your money. Just create goals and put your savings on auto-pilot.

Another feature of the Jupiter app is that it shows all your balance from various bank accounts on one screen.

Now, Jupiter also offers an aesthetic-looking debit card that comes with intriguing rewards such as a 1% reward on Debit cards transactions and UPI purchases.

2. Mutual Fund and Stock Investment Apps

Investment apps are the hot tickets currently. In the last few years, these apps have transformed the way people save and make money.

And guess what, one of our bloggers is a real fanatic when it comes to such apps. We talked to him about it and this is what he said:

“I don’t from where to begin; there are so many apps available today. And to be honest, I love the majority of them. I still remember when I discovered this app called Groww; it was intriguing beyond imagination. Eventually, I started trying out more apps and this app called INDmoney became my favorite (still is).”

“I am not a financial expert. I don’t understand those buzzwords or trends. But the reason I still love these apps is that they offer me a space where I can not only save but also let my emergency funds grow.”

Note: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme-related documents carefully.

Okay, let’s look at some of the best investment apps that we think you should try.

2.1 Groww

Investing has never been easy, fast, and transparent. And this is exactly what Groww aimed to solve when it started out in 2017.

Groww is a safe, reliable, and trusted, online investment platform that allows people to invest in mutual funds, FDs, and stocks without any hassles.

The company believes in making complex stuff simple, and their app justifies it — left, right, and center.

Talking about features, it offers over 5000 direct mutual funds and allows you to invest in stocks (including US stocks) without paying a single penny to open a stocks account and save in FDs in any bank without opening an account.

We are not exaggerating; but Groww is, by far, one of the best investment apps in the market. With Groww, investing is actually a piece of cake.

2.2 Coin by Zerodha

Founded in 2010, Zerodha is an Indian financial services company that works on an online discount brokerage model, offering retail brokerage, currencies and commodities trading, mutual funds, and bonds.

Coin is one of Zerodha’s top-notch products that allows its users to invest in 0% commission direct mutual funds and Government bonds, corporate bonds, and sovereign gold bonds.

Is Coin free? This is what Zerodha’s CEO, Nithin Kamath, has to say about it.

“Coin is completely free, in line with our current brokerage-free plan. All your investments on Coin, irrespective of the invested amount, are now absolutely free. No subscription charges whatsoever.”

– Nithin Kamath

If you have been thinking of investing and growing your wealth in the long run, then Coin by Zerodha should be on your mobile at any cost.

If you ask our take, then it is certainly one of the best apps for stock investing. Hands down!

2.3 smallcase

smallcase is another fantastic investing app that has become supremely popular because of its unique model.

Before we tell you what smallcase (the app) is, let’s first understand what exactly are small cases.

This might sound a bit complex, but it’s extremely interesting. Take it from us.

There are various forms of investing in the market and one of them is buying multiple stocks at a time. Simply put, small cases are portfolios of stocks or ETFs, weighted intelligently to track a theme, strategy, or objective.

Founded in 2015, smallcase Technologies with its app allows you to invest in small cases in a hassle-free manner. You can invest in professionally managed small cases or create your very own custom smallcase.

(Damn! Too much of smallcase(s) for the day)

Many of us are currently using smallcase (the app) and are reaping great benefits. Not to mention, the app is super simple and offers an arsenal of features to make your investing journey seamless.

2.4 INDmoney

Next up is another financial app that is making headlines INDmoney

It is a wealth management app that brings all your and your family’s finances to one place. 

Be it investing in mutual funds, buying stocks (including US stocks), tracking expenses and investments, or even knowing your net worth, this super app does it all.

What’s more intriguing is the fact that its premium services are exactly what people need in their lives. Whether you’re goal planning, seeking a personal finance advisor, looking for detailed reports about your finances, or more, INDmoney premium services do EVERYTHING.

3. Money Tracking and Budgeting Apps

How good are you with money management? Good? Bad? 

Did you ever feel the need to have a personal finance manager? Yes? No?

Never mind.  

What most of us are lacking in life is someone who could help us budget and track our expenses. 

Someone who could let us know that “bruh, you need to slow down. You don’t need that shower curtain with pockets for your phone.”

Well, we have got some app suggestions for your finance tracking and budgeting needs. These are not just mere expense tracking apps, but they are game-changers.

3.1 Walnut

Walnut is a free money manager app that automatically and securely tracks your income and monthly spending.

The app categorizes all your expenses (like food, entertainment, shopping, etc.) and income. Further, it segregates everything and presents you with intuitive dashboards and reports that show how much you spend and where.

Not to mention, this expense tracker app reminds you to pay your bills (credit cards/mobile/DTH) on time, checks all your bank account balances instantly without using internet data, and splits and settles bills with friends, as well as transfers money to them using Walnut BHIM UPI.

3.2 Monefy

Monefy is a personal finance management tool that is designed to streamline expense tracking and help you save money.

The app is not just an expenses tracker but it also breaks down your expenses in detail in a much more simple, intuitive, and understandable way. One can easily identify key spending patterns with it and effectively begin saving money.

Furthermore, it has default categories to help its users start tracking essential expenses right from the word “go.” However, if someone wants to have some sort of customization, the app allows that too.

One can easily change the default categories, add new ones, select the currency they want to use, and choose the most convenient language.

Monefy is clean, clear, and serves its purpose.

3.3 Goodbudget

Goodbudget is our personal favorite budget and savings app. It is a budget tracker tool that is based on the envelope budget system.

Using envelope budgeting, Goodbudget lets you create individual envelopes for budget categories such as grocery, eating out, debt payoff, etc. 

Every month you take out cash and divide it among the envelopes you crated. Now, for each category, you spend out of that particularly designated envelope!

The idea here is to help you plan your spending beforehand and only spend what you have, rather than regret it after overspending.

All in all, Goodbudget is good for saving for big expenses, sharing household expenses, and budgeting on the go. It makes it supremely easy to stick to your budget limits.

4. Credit and Instant Loan Apps

Many people around the world use loans or credit facilities to satisfy their wants and indulgences. However, if they fail to pay off, it significantly impacts their future finances.

Now, if you have taken a loan and are paying it on time, you’re doing a great job because your credit score is getting better.

Until and unless it’s extremely important, try not to turn to loans or credits. But, if you decide to do so, be judicious with it in order to avoid getting yourself into a debt trap.

Here are some of the safe and secure loan and credit apps that can be of great help during hazy times.

4.1 Navi

Navi is a lending app that offers personal loans, home loans, general insurance, and mutual funds in a digital-first manner.

The major USP of Navi is that it provides its users with loans up to ₹20 lakhs instantly through a completely paperless process.

All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and you’re good to go.

Now, to avail a loan, just select a loan and EMI amount, complete KYC using Aadhaar and PAN, and you get instant money in your bank account.

Navi has simplified the process of availing instant personal loans to middle-class Indians at attractive interest rates.

4.2 Cred

Cred is one of the best finance apps in India. Many people know Cred for making credit payments fun. People literally get exciting rewards for paying credit card bills.

But very few know that there’s something called Cred cash, a flexible credit line that was launched in 2020 along with regulated partners.

Now what Cred cash does is, it offers a pre-approved credit line of up to Rs 5,00,000 to Cred members with no forms, documents, phone calls, or physical visits.

Need a few bucks urgently? Draw down from your available limit at any hour of the day and the amount gets instantly credited to your bank account. Yes, it’s that easy.

What about repayment? You can choose the best fit EMI option from the app itself. Not to mention, you can also pay more than your EMI amount or foreclose the loan.

4.3 Uni

“Pay in 3 parts over 3 months at no extra costs or pay in 1 month for 1% cashback”

This statement by Uni speaks volumes about the power that it offers to its customer base.  

Uni is a new-age fintech that offers UNI PAY 1/3RD CARD through its app. With this different, unique, and powerful card, you can pay for anything and everything. Then the card allows you to divide your dues into three equal parts and pay over three months, at no extra cost

Now, although it works similarly to a credit card, it is not exactly one. With credit cards, the customer only gets 30 to 45 days to repay. But on the other hand, the Uni Pay 1/3rd card gives you 90 days to repay the full amount.

Another exciting fact about this app (or the card, to be precise) is that if you pay your bills in full, you get 1% cashback.

The Outlook

Whatever finance apps we have mentioned in this article are just a few. The fintech world is becoming highly competitive and the number of such apps coming up is extremely high.

While we have listed these apps and discussed the benefits they have on offer for us, we also cannot overlook the risk factor involved. And I am sure all of you know it already.

Whenever you opt for some sort of financial app or service, we suggest you go through all the terms and conditions carefully and get involved at your own risk.

So, check out these money managing apps and see which one(s) is a good fit for you. Also, if you think there’s something we must add, do let us know in the comments.

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