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Marketing has been around for decades and has transformed numerous businesses all around the world. However, traditional marketing has been brought down to its knees by something called Content Marketing.

This new approach to marketing has disrupted the domain and it’s all because of the power that technology has provided the end consumer. People now are in complete control, they can de-clutter content and decide what they want to engage in, and what kind of content they want to consume — the game has completely changed.

And with time, brands have realized that if they want to increase their sales and stay ahead of their competitors, they must incorporate content marketing.  

Today, even though content marketing has come a long way and has become mainstream in the industry, many companies across the world still seem to be a little confused about whether it would work in the B2B domain.

Well, the answer to that query is an absolute YES! Content marketing can transform any business (irrespective of size and domain) for the better. All one must know is the nuts and bolts of this craft.

In this article, we are going to cover each and every aspect of content marketing in the B2B domain.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is basically a form of marketing strategy that revolves around the idea of creating and delivering valuable content. This form of marketing is used to attract and retain a defined audience, expand the customer base, generate or increase sales, increase brand awareness, and last but not the least, create a community of like-minded people.

But are B2B and B2C content marketing the same? No, they are not the same — there are different approaches involved.  Let’s move ahead and see what the difference is.

What Is B2B Content Marketing?

Before we dive right into this subject, first let’s understand why B2C and B2B content marketing differs.

The major difference between both of these forms is the needs of their defined consumers or audience. A B2B consumer will not have the same need as a B2C consumer. However, there is a common aspect and it is the fundamentals of creating content.

Furthermore, B2C content marketing involves a strong emotional quotient. Companies create content that the end consumers can relate to and build that emotional brand attachment.

But when it comes to B2B, the emotional quotient doesn’t work; rather, it is the usefulness and the value of the content which is much more imperative. B2B content has to be useful above all else. Period. Businesses who consume that content must get the value or get the solution to their problem.

So, B2B marketing is nothing but the strategy to deliver value through content and in return, drive more leads and sales along with building a strong brand face.

Is Your Company Making The Best Out Of B2B Content Marketing?

In this internet-driven era, a massive number of companies are betting big on content marketing — they are hiring b2b content marketing agencies, they are coming up with strategies, they are conducting research, and more. And if your company is not doing the same, then you’re definitely lagging behind and missing out a lot.

Don’t believe me? Here are some concrete B2B content marketing statistics:

According to a report, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing in their overall strategy and about 89% of B2B organizations are strongly committed to content marketing and are most successful at it.

The same report also suggests that because of consistency, commitment, higher quality, and more efficient content creation, more than 70% of B2B marketers have witnessed significant success.

So, what are your thoughts now? Are you ready to invest in a B2B content marketing strategy? If yes, then we are here to help. Read on to get a clear understanding of how to go about it and hit the bull’s eye.

Concrete Tips To Do B2B Content Marketing The Right Way

Know Your Audience

This is the first and foremost thing you should do when you go about creating your B2B content marketing strategy.

Many might argue that their audience is really broad and it’s not an easy task to categorize and sort. And yes, this is actually true in most cases. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a solution to it.

Head over to Google analytics and check out the data. It will give you a clear insight into your audience base and their journey. It helps you understand what kind of content your audience is inclined towards.

Furthermore, Google Analytics also helps you sort and analyze your audience in terms of age, gender, and on what device they are consuming your content. This provides a great opportunity for you to make the right editorial decisions.

B2B Blogging

First things first, blogging is not only for individuals and B2C companies. Blogging has helped several B2B companies from all around the world to grow their business significantly.

So, if your business doesn’t have a blog, then it’s high time to get started with one. And if you already have a blog but not getting any traction, then you might want to consider revamping your existing content and start consistently publishing quality content.

To give you a better understanding of B2B Blogging, here is an example for you:


Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006, HubSpot has become a household name when it comes to marketing. The company provides software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.

Let’s look at HubSpot’s blog.

B2B Content Marketing Hubspot

HubSpot is so committed to delivering value to its clients that the company has put in every single ounce of its content marketing strategy. Its content keeps evolving and ensures that the audience is getting as much value as possible.

Furthermore, it’s not just blogs but HubSpot has also created several courses and certification that educates people on each and every aspect of sales and marketing. And it’s certifications are today recognized worldwide.

Not to mention, the content is easy to understand and fills your brain with knowledge.

Talking about the design aspect, it’s clean and not cluttered. The HubSpot blog serves its purpose completely.

Now to talk about the other benefits of a B2B blog, it can transform your business’ face in the industry.

  • Improves search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Attract more qualified leads
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Develops a brand value
  • Shows credibility

Other Forms Of B2B Content Marketing

It’s not just blogging which comes under B2B content marketing, there are other forms as well. However, the purpose remains the same — deliver value, and knowledge and in return, increase leads and sales.

Here are some more forms to consider while creating a B2B content marketing strategy:

Email Marketing: This form is all about delivering the content right into the audiences’ mailbox so that they don’t miss out — this could be a simple email or a newsletter. 

Also, when I am saying audience, it is both existing clients and potential clients and just consumers.

Place CTAs on your website where people can sign up and opt-in to get content right into their inbox.

Video Content: Along with blogs and emails, if you want to create videos, it is undoubtedly a great idea.

Companies like Google, HubSpot, Neil Patel Digital, etc. have been doing this for ages. And trust me, when you check their content, one can never complain that it is just a way to attract customers because the content is curated in such a way that solves all your problem and delivers the knowledge or information you seek.

How to Generate Or Brainstorm New Content Ideas Consistently

Now let’s address the elephant in the room—how to come up with unique, engaging, and value-added content consistently?

Here’s how you can do it:

Ubersuggest (my personal favorite)

Go to Ubersuggest, then type the topic/keyword you want to cover. Ubersuggest will show you each and everything — from content ideas to keywords to CPC to search volume to social shares to SEO difficulty (SD) and more.

Decide on the topic and go ahead creating your content.

Also, make sure you include the keywords with all the keywords with less SEO difficulty, more CPC, and relevant search volume.

Ask Your Audience

Another best way to get more topics is by asking your audience. If you have different social media accounts, why not use them for your content ideas?

Go ahead and ask them through a post — what kind of content they would like to read/watch? What problems they are facing? Every answer would work as a suggestion. Trust me, this can do wonders!

Or, if you already have a few topics in your head, then you can create polls. This would not only help you decide but also give you a clear idea of what exactly the audience wants.

Google Trends is a free tool that most marketers forget about or completely ignore. This amazing platform shows you how demand and trends for a topic (or keyword) have evolved or changed over time. You can also check whether the content you are creating around a certain topic is trending or not.  

Quora & Reddit

Quora and Reddit are the platforms that you can never ignore when it’s about creating content. Go to these platforms and check what buzz is happening around.

Search for the topic and see what kind of questions people are asking or what kind of different discussions are happening.

Word To The Wise

Whatever content you are creating, always look at it from a consumer’s POV and ask — “What’s in it for me? If you can answer this, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Bonus Tips For Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Paid ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. are there for a reason. Always remember, the sole purpose of these platforms is to generate revenue, so if you are paying them for Ads, they will do their part and show your content to a greater audience.

Content Revamp

Content revamp is one of the most underrated ways of content marketing in the B2B domain. If you are not updating and revamping your old content then you are not serving your audience well.

For example, if you publish 5 blogs a month, how much time it would take to create one blog? A day? Then what about the rest of the days?

Use those days to update your old content — delete irrelevant pieces of content, and update them with the latest facts, and keywords, so that it serves the current needs of the consumer. Do not let your content rot — keep updating them.

Also, try to make them look fancy with multilayered content — combine text, image, video, infographics, etc.

Hire A B2B Content Marketing Agency

There’s no harm in hiring a B2B content marketing agency. Rather, it’s a great idea — you no longer have to struggle to make your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is all about constantly churning high-quality blogs, articles, videos, etc., and being a B2B business you might not be able to solely focus and keep up with the pace of content development.

Hence, it’s better to pay a B2B content marketing agency and they will do it for you.

Also, when you hire one, they not only support your in-house team but also help you save time to focus on other activities. Not to mention, most of these agencies have content marketing experts and they have the acumen to prepare content that actually serves the purpose.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, there are dozens of aspects to consider when it comes to B2B content marketing. But if done the right way, this can bring some significant transformations to your business.

In this article, we tried to cover most of the elements and we hope it helps you. If you have any queries regarding B2B content marketing, please drop them in the comments section.

B2B content marketing presents a whole bunch of benefits. Companies are betting big on this form of marketing and are reaping the best out of it. So, make sure that you’re also using your content in the right way. Invest a significant amount of time, money, and resource to form a robust B2B content marketing strategy.

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