Author: Sharmishte Datti

Turning The Tables: A Journey From An Employee To An Entrepreneur

The first time I boarded a flight was from Chennai to Port Blair. While I was nervous about flying thousands of feet above the Earth with nothing but aluminium wings to balance us, I remember enjoying the experience. Since then, I’ve taken multiple flights and each of them has been chiselled in my memory. But, […]

“Dedication is Synonymous with Fitness”

Meet Usha K. Poojari, a fitness guru based in Bangalore who’s created a niche for herself amidst the bustling fitness and gyming industry with her Uni Fitness Zone. When I say ‘industry’, Usha frowns with disagreement citing that staying fit can never be an industry! “The body is where you live. So it’s important to stay […]

Rahul Hazarika’s One Stop Kitchen brings the restaurant to your pocket!

Food. It plays such an important role in our lives. Just take a look at our mythology: everything changed when Eve took a bite of the apple. Da Vinci’s Last Supper tells a whole other tale. But one thing has stayed constant — Food. As the internet began invading our lives, it has also opened the doors […]

Love Overpowers All

I wish to introduce a special couple- Sarang Datti and Makiko Fujiwara. A mechanical engineer with Indian roots, Sarang moved to Japan when he got a career opportunity. An occupational therapist, Makiko Fujiwara never thought that she would meet, fall in love, and marry Sarang. But here they are, beaming with joy at finding each other. I felt […]

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