Author: Champa Jaiprakash

Champa Jaiprakash is the founder of Saadhya School for Special Children. Her experience in special education spans over 40 years, primarily in South India. Her book- 21ne Chromosome Mattu Ethare Kathanagalu (21st Chromosome and Other Narratives) is based on her experiences. The book won the prestigious Karnataka Sahitya Academy Madhurachenna Dattinidhi Award in the author’s first independent book category in 2015.

Persisting Thoughts of a Thappad

The Hindi movie ‘Thappad’ meaning Slap, was so influential that it made me scroll back to my memory. It made me realise, how many times have we taken such ‘thappads’ which are not just physical, but also in words and deeds. And without making it an issue, we have moved on and on in life. Many times, we would not realise that our words and actions would have led to such slaps, specially to the close ones.

Pandemic Stories: Thara’s Inspiring Transformation During The Lockdown

Coronavirus has attacked all humans in the world, to some physically and the rest of us mentally and socially. The epidemic has changed everyone’s routine and life. The sufferings of thousands of migrant workers who were part of our nation-building went unheard. In such a situation just imagine the fate of the special kids who […]

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