The Future is Robot, They Said. Well Said! But For Sex As Well?6 min read

“I wish I was next to you.”

“The things I would do. Crazy!!”

“Mmhm! And don’t you want to have a glimpse now?”

“You’re so turned on. Aren’t you?”

Ahem! That’s all for this sexting example. Felt like I was writing a sex tale for Literotica.

Okay, now don’t ask me how I know Literotica. Not important!

Let’s talk about the topic at hand.

We all have heard and seen artificial intelligence and how it is making supremely massive strides. From giants like Google to small startups, AI has become commonplace.

Even though Elon Musk has warned about the risks AI could pose in the future, the world doesn’t seem to be listening.

Sorry, Musk! It is what it is.

Artificial intelligence has surpassed our expectations to a greater level. It has defeated us in some of the most complicated games, can now make music, drive cars, sing like humans, beatbox like it’s a cakewalk, and whatnot.

But what about sex? Can we have sex with AI? If not sex, then at least talk about it?

Well, it’s possible. AI can now make you hit orgasm both on chat and for real.

AI-Enabled Sex Robots

Artificial intelligence was a standalone technology for a long time. But then we humans decided to use it for various other segments. And the uses cases have increased at such a rate that today if you pick up a tech magazine or just check a random tech article on the internet, you’ll notice that there’s AI in almost everything.

Then you’ll also find those self-proclaimed advocates of AI saying it is the only technology that can solve all of your problems.

AI is our saviour!

Well, we humans took this way too literally. How? By incorporating artificial intelligence in sex and creating sex robots.


Invented by Matt McMullen, CEO of Abyss Creations/Realbotix, Harmony is a lifelike sex robot. It has an animatronic head that can smile, talk, blink, move its eyes, and more.

Abyss creations is not a new name when it comes to making silicone sex dolls. But what has made the major impact now is equipping these dolls with AI. And that’s where the magic happens.

With time, the AI in the dolls starts to learn about the user and can talk in a much more humanely manner. It remembers your preferences; your likes, your dislikes, and your experiences.

Furthermore, in a recent interview, McMullen said that his business has not been hampered even during the Covid-19 crisis. The demand for AI-enabled sex dolls is so high that even at $12,000 per doll, orders are still coming in.

Now, Harmony is not the only robot that can give you orgasms, there’s one more popular sex robot in the industry.


Samantha is a hyper-realistic sex doll created by Dr Sergi Santos. The doll is equipped with sensors in her face, hands, breasts, and genitals.

If you ask why this doll has become so popular? The doll is so erotic that men actually fall in love with it.  And it has happened already.

Samantha is created in such a way that it requires a more humane connection to have sex with it. According to Dr Santos, one has to make a romantic approach to seduction. For example, by stroking her hands sensually rather than groping her private parts.

Now, what’s more interesting about this sex droid is the fact that it goes into a dummy mode if someone tries to be overly aggressive or if she is being touched disrespectfully.

How About Some Sex Talk With an AI?

It’s not just really sex that drives all the Oxytocin. People are also into talking about sex.

I know all those “studs” must be wondering why someone would use a chatbot to talk dirty. Well, not everyone is skilled enough to have connections with the opposite gender, and chatbots have proved to be a great companion to them.

(That’s what the internet says.)

But recently, chatbots have entered the arena of “dirty talks” or “Sexting”. And believe it or not, it’s more popular than lifelike sex robots.

But how a machine would talk dirty? Won’t that be robotic?

This is where machine learning comes into the picture.

For those who are not aware of machine learning, it is part of artificial intelligence and is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate human behaviour and intelligence.

So, most of the sex chatbots run on machine learning that takes the approach of letting the bot learn to program itself through experience.

Didn’t get it?

Let me explain.

There’s this adult chatbot called the “Midnight Pleasure”.

(Now, don’t ask me why this name. It’s just an example.)

Midnight Pleasure runs on machine learning. When you start talking to the chatbot it starts to collect your data (the conversation in this case) and analyse it to make sense. The more you talk with it, the better it learns about you and then it reaches a point where it actually starts to imitate human-like behaviour.

But how does the chatbot gets started? How does it learn to start a conversation? Or how to respond at the very beginning?

Machine learning starts with data — ANY DATA! Be it numbers, photos, or text. The data is gathered and fed into the machine learning model as training data. More the data, better the program.

The Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence has come a long way. It has already made the impact that was once just a dream. Today, it has reached such a level that one cannot do away with it.

And the sex industry is a great example to show the dominance of AI.

Talking about the topic at hand, I am not professionally trained in psychology or criminology to set a strong statement whether AI sex dolls are a threat or a blessing in disguise.

However, I would still like to state what I feel.  

Even though many argue that AI-enabled sex robots reduce sexual harassment or assaults, I think it’s the other way around.

For example, some people are paedophiles and robots that look or act like children can keep this class of people away from real humans.

BUT (there’s always a but) I want to ask, should we normalize and give people a chance to practice these behaviours because there are AI sex robots available?

You take your call!

In terms of technology, the way machine learning-enabled sexbots are evolving, I feel they are going to take a serious toll on human mental wellbeing.

Also, just the thought of a machine being able to understand and imitate human feelings and behaviours is SCARY.  

What if it reaches a point where AI sex robots start to dictate us and we humans follow what they do? What if it becomes super-intelligent?

I just have one thing to say.

All the advancements that we are currently seeing in terms of artificial intelligence, is a stark wake-up call that shows the potential of AI. If used maliciously or incorrectly, all these super-intelligent machines could take humanity down.

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