Hard work, grit and an unbreakable spirit can take you to places.

We live in the epoch of the internet and social media. While this virtual world can offer us plenty, it can be overwhelming. 

At Sapne, we write about genuine people with real-life experiences; misfits who defied odds and carved their way. We firmly believe that stories can inspire people, can cast a spell on us and change people for the better. We endeavour to deliver stories of struggles, tales of influencers, travellers, hustlers, social activists, entrepreneur or anyone who has a worthwhile story.

Why do you ask?

Because every story matters. Because stories have the power to make people believe in their dreams. Because people are constantly looking for hope, for inspiration, for someone to say ‘you are not alone—we have been in your shoes.’

People are looking for strength to overcome their predicaments and we at Sapne strive to give strength through words, through stories! 

Sapne wants these kinds of stories to impact people, usher them to change for better, bolster them with courage and offer them hope. Because hope is a good thing and a good thing never dies!

Meet The Squad

Sapne is a made up of like-minded, ordinary individuals who are inspired by extraordinary stories. We love writing, stories, food, dogs and well, everything wonderful under the sun.

Harshajit Sarmah

Rakshitha Rai

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